• Vintage synth general service
  • Repair plus total control

single defect repair

Ordinary repair for a single defect consists in the customer’s advance communication of the defect in the machine to be repaired.

In this procedure, after receiving the instrument in the laboratory, our technician will check its feasibility and, if this is possible (unfortunately, especially on older machines, the possibility of repair is not always guaranteed), we will communicate an initial quote to the customer. Once this quote is accepted by the customer, our technician will proceed with the requested work. However, if the customer does not accept the quote, the instrument will be returned or sent back (shipping costs are always borne by the customer).

Synthetic World Services is the world leaders in repair and restoration of vintage synths

Vintage synth general service

The servicing service consists of the periodic maintenance that each vintage Synth requires due to the natural wear and tear of the technical and physical components of the instrument.

Thanks to our service your synthesizer will always be in perfect condition to record your music or to be sold.

Repair plus total control

In the repair service plus total control, after the procedure described in point 1, a check is carried out on all the remaining components of the instrument (at the customer’s choice, a more or less in-depth check will be carried out). For this type of service, a quote is still sent to be confirmed by the customer before carrying out the total work.



  • For all three options, once the work is finished, a guarantee document is issued, lasting three months, valid for any problem relating to the work carried out. Naturally, in the case of a total service, the warranty covers any possible problem with the machine.
  • Once communicated that the instrument is ready, if you wish to collect the instrument in person, the customer is asked to show up within a period of no later than 30 days.